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The Seattle Plumbing Company® - Your Plumber Since 1976

Seattle Plumbing

Plumbing - repair, replacement, installation and design of all residential and light commercial plumbing. Old plumbing systems and fixtures are common here and we know how to deal with them! Re-piping older homes with copper is our forte. Water heaters, faucets, toilets, pumps, leaks, high or low water pressure, garbage disposers, bath & kitchen remodel/add-on, we do it all. Seattle Plumbing Company does it all.

Heating Work - Hot water heating systems (radiant heating, hydronic heating), boilers, radiators, water heaters of all kinds, we do it! Boilers - new or old. Repair, annual service or new installations from scratch is what we do. We also troubleshoot and repair forced air furnaces when they don't work.

Water Heaters - If you need hot water, you came to the right place. We sell only the best and service the rest! Do you really want the handyman or the commissioned sales guy advising you and installing your equipment? If not, call the water heating experts. You will be glad you did! We have both residential and commercial hot water engineering and installation capability. SPECIAL: Get a FREE water Alarm with every water heater install when you mention our website. Check out our water alarm
Tankless Water Heaters - 'On-Demand' type water heaters are becoming very popular and can can really supply 'endless hot water'. This type of equipment has very high fuel efficiency as well - as high as 96% fuel efficient. Brands include Takagi, Rinnai, Bosch, Navien, Buderus, Noritz, Rheem, and others.

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 Check Energy Star Rebates available Now (Feb 2014)

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Gas Piping - We are licensed gas mechanics!

About Us

We service the City of Seattle. The shop is located between Queen Anne and Magnolia in Interbay near Fisherman's terminal. We live here where we work.

We are all licensed plumbers here. We specialize in residential service & repair, re-piping, hot water boilers and radiant heat systems.

We have been plumbing in Seattle since 1976.




Residential Plumbing: We do both small and large residential work.

Commercial Plumbing: We do light commercial work too. We have service & repair service daily.

Town House hydronic heating systems - Many of these systems were designed and installed poorly. Call us if you wish expert repair, replacement and/or advice. Townhouse heating systems

We work for you. You have a right to an expert opinion if needed, and skilled professional results if you hire us. If you call us, Evan answers the phone (if you get dropped into voicemail, he is on the phone - leave a message and he will call you back). There is no charge for a phone consultation but if we consult on-site we do charge for our time.

How do we know our pricing is better?

How sure are we that our transparent pricing policy is better than big-ad 'up front' pricing schemes?

The Seattle Plumbing Company Coupon

Notice that we said "at least 20%"

It is a big deal.....

Read the How to hire a Plumber

Talking about plumbers...

There are some bad plumbers out there. There are hundreds of fake plumbing company websites designed to entice consumers to call a scam "plumber". We put up a site about unlicensed plumbers called Every plumber in WA is required to carry a plumber license - ask to see it before you pay any plumbing bill. (Rooter guys are not plumbers, they are neither trained nor licensed.  - If they claim to be a plumber simply ask to see his plumber license. It says PLUMBER JOURNEYMAN or PLUMBER RESIDENTIAL on a green card issued by Labor & Industries..

The Treasure of the Seirra Madre where Humphry Bogart asks some banditos for proof that they are legitimate by asking to see their badges:

"Badges? What badges? - We don't have to show you no stinking badges!"

Seattle Plumbing Company only hires licensed plumbers. (So should you)

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The Seattle Plumbing Company has a job opening for a licensed service & repair plumber with excellent skills, references and work history.

Contact Evan at the office telephone number listed on this webpage.

The Seattle Plumbing Company®

Our Seattle Plumber Washington State Contractor License # EVANCPH006DC

Expert Plumbing Since 1976

Seattle Plumbing Company ® is a registered US trademark

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